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Jupiter is making a big move this week! Hurray!

On Thursday Jupiter will arrive for its third and final opposition to breakthrough planet Uranus.

Big (Jupiter) changes (Uranus) are occurring now.

You can take advantage of the positive momentum by channeling the restless energy into something truly ground-breaking…

When Jupiter connects to other planets or the Sun, life expands and possibilities abound.
In the next few days Jupiter closes in on an opposition to Uranus at 27° in Libra and Aries, respectively – both CARDINAL signs of fresh starts, enterprise and ACTION.

27° symbolizes a fortunate culmination and the achievement of a goal that brings you deep fulfillment.

Since Jupiter is a benefic planet expanding abundance, fulfillment and joy – when it moves opposite another planet, it actually invigorates and makes you WANT to take ACTION for your HIGHEST GOOD.

In this case, there is a newsflash – Uranus is pointing out a new way.

Uranus is the freedom and independence planet – exciting, an explorer, embracing what is new, innovative and unusual.

Since Jupiter and Uranus are meeting for the final time, we’re being given a big green light to implement something NEW, an ingenious idea, or a different way of life altogether – at the same time you feel inspired to pursue a high level of success, leaving a positive IMPACT (in a unique way).

Uranus’ influence on Jupiter also activates your desire to be seen by the public – since Uranus represents what is universal in nature.

Big breakthroughs and success are possible now.

Uranus also governs astrology and numerology, making this moment an opportunity for you to align with your own Jupiter Wealth Code and discover how you use your energy to create abundance.

Jupiter in your birth chart describes the unique qualities you must activate in order attract abundance and fulfillment at a soul level.

You were born with Jupiter in a unique sign and in a unique astrological house.

For example, if Jupiter is in your natal 3rd house (there are 12 houses), you are caring, wonderful at communicating, curious about everything and like to share. You have a thirst for knowledge that manifests in fortunate opportunities – and you attract abundance by using your gifts to educate others. You thrive when you act on your curiosity, and by meeting new people and exploring new places – a great source of happiness in your life. Sharing your message is the key to expansion.
Every person has three Jupiter sectors located in their astrology birth chart.

Each sector describes how you personally activate…

easy financial flow
fortunate opportunities and outcomes
the best environment for success
Your three Jupiter sectors make up Your Jupiter Wealth Code.

This week ‘s final of three Jupiter/Uranus oppositions is an invitation for you FEEL and ACT on your unlimited potential
Tania Gabrielle

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